Why the US?

 Why the US? 


The United States of America is the most popular study destination for international students. The US universities consistently rank number one in rankings around the world making the country the holy grail of higher education and research. In 2018, approximately 2 lakh Indian students flew to the US to pursue education opportunities. High quality of education, research, and a plethora of job opportunities make the US a top choice for international students.

Globally Recognized Education:

According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the QS World University Rankings and many others, US universities consistently dominate the top spots owing to cutting-edge research and high quality of education. Harvard, MIT, and Stanford University are ranked as the top 3 universities in the world year after year. The US is also home to the Ivy League - one of the most well-known groups of universities in the world. 

Exposure to Different Cultures:

The US is the land of immigrants. People from many nationalities have made it their permanent home in the last few decades owing to better job opportunities and a high quality of life. It is often referred to as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures as it draws cultural influences from Latin Americans, Asians, Europeans and Africans who make up a sizable population of the country

Exciting Job Prospects:

Home to some of the biggest tech giants in the world, there is a growing demand for graduate and post-graduate students in the US. Companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook are all based out of Silicon Valley, a region in the San Francisco Bay Area of California that serves as a global center for technology and innovation.

Types of post-secondary institutions 

Community College Community colleges are two-year associate degree programs/certifications. Throughout the years, community colleges have begun to adopt vocational oriented programs. Some of the community colleges in the US: Green River College Miami Dade College Santa Monica College 1. State College or University State colleges have a wide range of degree programs available. They have lower tuition costs as compared to other universities making them an affordable and attractive option for international students. State Colleges have a vibrant campus life, extra-curricular activities, and state of the art teaching facilities. The largest public colleges in the US have over 60,000 students enrolled. Some of the good State Colleges in the US are: University of Michigan University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) University of Virginia